Animals Whose Ears Are Hidden: 6 Creatures That Will Surprise You

May 3rd , 2024


Some animals sport obvious ears, while others hide theirs! Uncover creatures with stealthy hearing abilities.

No Flaps, But... They lack external ears but have inner ear structures for detecting vibrations through the ground.

1: Snakes

Underground Listeners: Fur covers tiny ear holes, protecting them while digging. Mainly sense vibrations for navigation.

2: Moles

Not Those Tufts! Feather tufts add personality, but ears are hidden – asymmetrical for accurate prey location.

3: Owls

Stealthy Swimmers Tiny ear flaps close underwater! They sense prey movement even when submerged.

4: Crocodiles

Skin Patches Some species lack eardrums on the outside. Instead, they hear with sensitive patches behind their eyes.

5: Some Frogs

Looks Earless While resembling snakes, some have hidden ear openings – smaller than snakes and protected by scales.

6: Legless Lizards

The animal kingdom is full of surprises! Appearances can be deceiving when it comes to how creatures hear.