Antarctic Volcano Strikes Gold! Discovery Beneath the Ice

30th April, 2024


Location: Antarctica's Ross Island. It is one of Earth's few continuously active volcanoes. (Source: The New York Post)

The Volcano: Mount Erebus

Discovery: Tiny particles of gold are carried upward by volcanic gases and fall as "gold dust." (Source: The New York Post)

Surprise in the Steam

The Estimate: Up to 80 grams of gold spewed out daily. It adds up over time! (Source: The New York Post)

How Much Gold?

The Theory: Gold likely comes from deep within the Earth, brought up by magma. (Source: The New York Post)

Origin of the Gold

Challenge: Not really. Conditions are extreme, and it's harmful to disturb this fragile environment. (Source: The New York Post)

Mining Potential?

Insight: Helps us understand how volcanoes and the Earth's deep systems work. (Source: The New York Post)

Why it Matters

Reminder: Antarctica hides amazing geological secrets, even those with a touch of glitter!

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