Are Those Spiders on Mars? NASA Images Cause a Stir

30th April, 2024


Strange patterns spotted on the Martian surface look creepily like spiders. But what are they really?

Images reveal dark, branching 'legs' with a central body, resembling arachnids.

What It Looks Like?

These "spiders" appear mainly in the polar regions of Mars.

Where They're Found

Dry Ice is the Culprit! Sunlight warms carbon dioxide ice trapped under the surface, turning it into gas.

How They Form?

The gas erupts violently, carving out channels resembling spider legs as it escapes.

Pressure Builds

Scientists call these unique formations araneiform terrain (literally, "spider-shaped terrain").

Fancy Name: Araneiform Terrain

Studying araneiform terrain helps understand Mars' climate shifts and geological processes.

Why They Matter

These so-called spiders reveal the dynamic nature of the Martian landscape.

More Amazing Than Scary

Sometimes the most surprising things in the universe aren't alive... but they're still awe-inspiring!