Armies & Arsenals: Top 10 Nations in Military Spending

25th March, 2024


The US maintains its superpower status with a staggering military budget far exceeding any other nation.

United States


Rapidly modernizing its military, China's spending reflects its ambitions on the global stage.


Facing regional tensions, India invests heavily in defense, making it the world's third-largest spender.


Despite economic challenges, Russia prioritizes military power with substantial spending.

United Kingdom

A major NATO player, the UK maintains a sizeable military budget for domestic and alliance commitments.

Saudi Arabia

Fuelled by oil wealth, Saudi Arabia is a big defense equipment and technology spender.


Recent global events have prompted Germany to boost defense spending, significantly leading to a major shift.

France fields a modern and well-equipped military supported by a considerable budget.


With growing security concerns, Japan is increasing its military expenditure after decades of restraint.


Facing the North Korean threat, South Korea invests significantly in defense to maintain its security.

South Korea

Military spending reflects national priorities and ambitions. How will this power balance shift in the future?