Beauty Can Be Deadly: 6 Lethal Flowers of North America

11th April, 2024


Don't be fooled by their delicate looks! These blooms pack a toxic punch.

Found: Eastern North America, in forests and meadows. Danger: All parts are toxic, and milk from cows that eat them becomes poisonous to humans ("Milk Sickness").

1: White Snakeroot

Found: Originally from Europe, now widespread. Danger: Leaves, seeds, and flowers contain powerful heart-affecting toxins.

2: Foxglove

Found: Common landscaping plant, especially in warm areas (California, the South) Danger: All parts are toxic! Sap can cause skin irritation, and ingestion is especially hazardous.

3: Oleander

Found: Near wet areas, marshes, and streams.  Danger: Extremely toxic! Roots that look like a harmless wild carrot are the deadliest and can cause painful convulsions and death.

4: Water Hemlock

Found: In warmer climates like Florida and Hawaii. Danger:  Attractive, bright red seeds are the most dangerous. Seeds contain abrin; one is enough to be fatal!

5: Rosary Pea

Found: Not widespread, but present in parts of the US (East Coast, California) Danger: Both berries and leaves are poisonous, causing hallucinations paralysis, and can be fatal.

6: Deadly Nightshade

Admire wildflowers from a safe distance and educate yourself on local risks. Nature's beauty demands respect!