Before Stonehenge: Uncovering the World's Oldest Wooden Construction 

 May 20th , 2024

Team LTG

Prepare to be amazed! Step back to witness a groundbreaking archaeological discovery that redefines human ingenuity.

Image Source: Avcient Origins

Deep in Zambia, near the Kalambo Falls, researchers have unearthed the world's oldest known wooden structure.

A Remarkable Find

Image Source: Avcient Origins

Dating back a staggering 476,000 years, this rudimentary construction predates our species, Homo sapiens. 

Ancient Ingenuity

Image Source: The Guardian

The structure consists of two interlocking logs joined by a notch, showing early humans' understanding of construction principles. 

Simple Yet Significant

Image Source: The Guardian

Early hominids, possibly Homo heidelbergensis, our ancient relatives. 

Who Built It?

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Marks on the logs reveal they were shaped using various stone tools, a testament to our ancestors' resourcefulness.

Tool Time

Image Source: The National

While the exact purpose remains uncertain, it likely served as a platform for walking, storing food, or even as a base for shelter. 

Purpose Unknown

Image Source: Avcient Origins

This discovery challenges our understanding of early human capabilities and suggests complex behavior earlier than previously thought. 

Rewriting History

Image Source: The Guardian