Beyond the Myths: 9 Unknown Facts About the Bermuda Triangle

30th April, 2024


Is this infamous stretch of ocean truly cursed, or is there more to the story?

The Bermuda Triangle has no official borders. It's loosely defined by Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda.

1: Where Is It, Really?

Ships and aircraft regularly cross the area. Most disappearances are far less frequent than sensationalized ones.

2: A Busy Place

Unpredictable weather, methane gas eruptions, the Gulf Stream – all create hazards for ships and planes. 

3: Natural Explanations?

Other 'Devil's Triangles' exist worldwide, hinting that these areas might share common navigational risks.

4: It's Not the Only One!

Many famous 'disappearances' were misreported, occurred outside the triangle, or never even happened.

5: Famous Vanishings...Or Not?

The myth of the Bermuda Triangle likely persists due to confirmation bias – we remember what fits the story.

6: The Power of Suggestion

The US Coast Guard does not acknowledge it as a uniquely dangerous area.

7: No Official Recognition

Ships are not charged higher premiums to travel through the Bermuda Triangle.

8: Insurance Rates Tell a Story

Centuries of shipwrecks lie within the Triangle, holding historical secrets, not paranormal ones.

9: Lost Treasures

The Bermuda Triangle myth endures, but evidence suggests natural forces, not supernatural, are more likely at work.