Birds of Paradise:  8 Birds That Are Only Found In The Amazon Rainforest

15th April, 2024


Smelly, cow-like bird with a punk hairdo! Clumsy fliers, herbivores with unique digestion.

1: Hoatzin

Top predator! Huge talons and powerful wings take down monkeys and sloths.

2: Harpy Eagle

Giant, colorful bills are for reaching fruit, but also display and temperature control.

3: Toucan

The male has a bald head with a 'cap' of feathers, makes bizarre, booming calls.

4: Capuchinbird

Iconic rainforest parrot, vibrant red plumage, social, and loud!

5: Scarlet Macaw

Seriously? From shipping perishables to cleaning industrial parts, dry ice is surprisingly practical.

6: Cock-of-the-Rock

Diverse Amazonian hummingbirds are dazzling, some with long beaks for special flowers.

7: Hummingbird (any of the many!)