Blast Off!

SpaceX Crew-8 Soars to the International Space Station

5th March, 2024


The skies above Kennedy Space Center roared as SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket ignited, carrying the Crew-8 astronauts on their journey to the International Space Station (ISS). This marks another successful collaboration between NASA and SpaceX under the Commercial Crew Program.

Meet the Crew-8 Astronauts

Matthew Dominick (NASA)

Crew-8 Mission Commander, experienced spaceflight veteran.

Michael Barratt (NASA)

Pilot embarking on his second space mission.

Jeanette Epps (NASA)

Mission Specialist, making her first trip into orbit.

Alexander Grebenkin (Roscosmos)

Mission Specialist representing Russia's space agency.

Mission Highlights

Six-Month Stay: The Crew-8 team will spend roughly six months aboard the ISS. Science Extravaganza: Over 200 science experiments are planned, including studies on cell growth in space, the effects of spaceflight on the immune system, and more. Commercial Crew Success: Crew-8 is the eighth crewed mission launched under NASA's Commercial Crew Program. 

Launch and Docking Timeline

Smooth Ascent: The Falcon 9 rocket delivered a flawless launch, propelling the Crew Dragon capsule into orbit. Journey to the ISS: The astronauts are going to the space station. Docking Expected: Crew-8 is scheduled to dock with the ISS soon.