Bone Voyage! Ancient Ice Skate Unearthed in the Czech Republic

27th March, 2024


Forget metal blades! Archaeologists discovered a surprisingly well-preserved ice skate made of animal bone. 

The unique find was unearthed during a routine excavation in the basement of a home in Přerov, Czech Republic.

This curved bone with drilled holes, likely strapped to a shoe or sled, offers a glimpse into winter travel of the past.

Radiocarbon dating suggests the ice skate is roughly 1,000 years old.

Similar bone skates have been found in Europe, suggesting a widespread technology for icy landscapes.

This discovery sheds light on how people navigated frozen terrain centuries ago.

Imagine gliding across the ice with this innovative, natural tool.

The past keeps surprising us! This bone skate is a reminder of human ingenuity and resourcefulness.