Boost Your Yard Fast! 7 Evergreen Trees for Quick Growth & Year-Round Beauty

9th March, 2024


Growth Rate: Up to 3-4 feet per year! Why You'll Love It: ● Dense foliage makes it an excellent privacy screen or hedge. ● Tolerates various climates and soil conditions. ● Low-maintenance and easy to shape.

Leyland Cypress

Green Giant Arborvitae

Growth Rate: 3-5 feet per year! Why You'll Love It: ● Upright, pyramidal form adds formal structure to your landscape. ● Soft, rich green foliage creates beautiful year-round color. ● Deer and disease-resistant.

Arizona Cypress

Growth Rate: Up to 3 feet per year. Why You'll Love It: ● Unique silvery-blue foliage adds a cool hue to your landscaping. ● Drought-tolerant once established, ideal for hot climates. ● Naturally, the conical shape needs minimal pruning.

Thuja Green Giant

Growth Rate: 3-5 feet per year. Why You'll Love It: The perfect privacy screen with dense, lush foliage. Naturally, it maintains a pyramidal form, requiring little pruning. Adaptable to various climates and soil types.

Italian Cypress

Growth Rate: Around 3 feet per year. Why You'll Love It: It adds an elegant Mediterranean flair with its tall, columnar shape. Creates a striking vertical accent in your landscape. Drought-tolerant and low-maintenance.

Eastern White Pine

Growth Rate: Can exceed 3 feet per year.  Why You'll Love It: ● Creates a beautiful, natural look with its feathery, bluish-green needles. ● It provides excellent wind protection when planted in a row. ● It is a classic American evergreen with timeless appeal.

Norway Spruce

Growth Rate: Up to 2-3 feet per year. Why You'll Love It: ● A traditional Christmas tree shape year-round. ● Dense branches make it ideal for windbreaks or privacy screens. ● Adapts to various soil conditions and colder climates.

Tips for Success

Planting: Choose the right spot with adequate sunlight and soil drainage. Watering: Water deeply and regularly, especially in the tree's first years. Mulching: Conserves moisture and suppresses weeds. Enjoy: Watch your landscape transform before your eyes!