Bunny-Proof Your Garden:  8 Proven Ways to Keep Rabbits Out

 May 17th, 2024


Nibbled veggies and flower carnage? Don't let those fluffy bunnies ruin your garden! Here are 9 effective ways to protect your plants.

This is the most reliable method. Use chicken wire with small holes, burying it at least 6 inches deep to deter digging.

1: Fencing

Commercial or DIY options like Irish Spring soap, predator urine, or hot pepper spray can deter rabbits.

2: Repellents

Plant strong-smelling herbs like lavender, rosemary, or onions to mask the scent of tasty plants.

3: Companion Planting

This humane method startsle bunnies with a sudden spray of water, quickly teaching them to stay away.

4: Motion-Activated Sprinklers

Keep grass short, trim bushes, and clear debris to eliminate places where rabbits might feel safe.

5: Remove Hiding Spots

Protect vulnerable plants with netting or fabric row covers to create a physical barrier.

6: Netting & Row Covers

Place fake predators like owls or snakes around your garden to scare rabbits away.

7: Distract with Decoys

Plant a separate "rabbit garden" with clover or alfalfa to give them a tempting distraction.

8: Offer Alternatives

Combining these methods allows you to create a haven for your plants and coexist peacefully with your bunny neighbors.