California's Hidden Threat:  Long Valley Supervolcano Stirs

16th April, 2024


New research raises concerns about an eruption that could devastate vast areas of the US.

Located in Eastern California, this massive volcanic depression is capable of super-eruptions.

What is the Long Valley Caldera?

Recent uplift of the ground and increased earthquake activity suggest magma movement beneath.

Signs of Unrest

If erupted, the Long Valley Caldera could blanket areas well beyond California in ash and mudflows.

Eruption Potential

The Long Valley Caldera produced a cataclysmic eruption 760,000 years ago.

History's Warning

While a super-eruption isn't imminent, scientists closely monitor the caldera for changing activity.

Preparing for the Worst

An eruption would have global impacts – disrupting climate patterns and harming the entire planet.

Beyond the Ash

The Long Valley Caldera proves that even quiet-looking landscapes can hold immense power.

Volcanic Forces

Understanding volcanoes is vital for predicting and, hopefully, mitigating future disasters.

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