Coolest Animals  Found in the  Tundra Region

29th April, 2024


A land of extreme cold, short summers, and unique wildlife.

The Tundra biome

The iconic Arctic predator, perfectly adapted with thick fur and powerful hunting skills.

Polar Bear

This small fox changes fur color with the seasons, from snowy white to earthy brown.

Arctic Fox

Shaggy survivors from the Ice Age, musk oxen huddle together for warmth.

Musk Ox

Undertaking huge migrations, caribou herds move as one across the vast Tundra.


With piercing yellow eyes and silent flight, this majestic bird is a master hunter.

Snowy Owl

Large feet act like snowshoes! These hares stay active and warm all winter.

Arctic Hare

Tiny but mighty, lemmings are a key link in the Tundra food chain.