Recent Coral Bleaching: Unseen Crisis Below the Waves

13th April, 2024


Ocean heat is reaching record highs, pushing vibrant coral reefs to the brink.

Warming waters stress corals, leading to bleaching events – they lose color and can starve.

The Problem

Recent years saw back-to-back mass bleaching, impacting reefs worldwide.

Bleaching is Spreading

They are underwater rainforests! Supporting tons of marine life, reefs are vital to ocean health.

Why Corals Matter

Warmer waters increase disease risk and storm damage for already weakened corals.

It's Not Just Bleaching...

The Great Barrier Reef, a World Heritage Site, is severely threatened by warming.

Australia's Treasure

Reef loss harms fishing, tourism, and coastal protection – it's not just about pretty colors.

Global Issue, Local Impact

Combating climate change is KEY, but local conservation efforts buy reefs time to adapt.

Can We Save Them?

Ocean temperatures CAN stabilize, giving corals a chance. Our actions now are critical!

It's Not Too Late (Yet)