Cosmic Double Feature: Devil Comet Meets the Eclipse

31st March, 2024


The April 8th solar eclipse is getting a dazzling cosmic companion – Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks.

Why 'Devil Comet'? It earned its name way back in 1812 when its appearance was mistakenly linked to the War of 1812.

Not Actually Fiery: Don't worry, it's just a ball of ice and dust. But comets can put on a spectacular show!

When & Where: During the TOTAL solar eclipse, look for the comet nearby. Best visible along the eclipse path.

Finding the Comet: If you have binoculars or a telescope, it'll be easier to spot. Otherwise, look for a faint smudge.

Sky's the Limit: If conditions are right, the comet's tail might even be visible during the darkened eclipse.

Rare Cosmic Treat: This is a unique chance to see a comet during a solar eclipse – astronomy magic!

Mark your calendars: April 8th, let's witness the breathtaking cosmic ballet of the sun, moon, and the Devil Comet.