Daggerpod: The Desert Flower with a Hidden Blade

26th April, 2024


Its scientific name is Anelsonia eurycarpa. 'Anelsonia' honors botanist Aven Nelson.

Scientific Name

Native to the arid Sonoran Desert in the southwestern US and northern Mexico.

Where Does It Live?

Spiky fruit and elongated seed pods resemble daggers, contributing to its intimidating name.

Why "Daggerpod"?

Adapts to extreme scarcity of water. Can appear lifeless, then bloom after rain.

Drought Master

When conditions are right, Daggerpod produces small but lovely white blooms.

Delicate Flowers

Seeds and young shoots were a traditional food source for Native American tribes.

Edible Parts

Daggerpod relies on specialized moths for pollination, offering sweet rewards for them.

Pollinator Partners