Danger Down Under: Australia's Deadliest Snakes

2nd May, 2024


Deadliest of All: Its venom is considered the most potent of any land snake, but it's reclusive, and bites are rare.

1: Inland Taipan

Highly Aggressive: Responsible for most snakebite deaths in Australia. Quick to strike, and venom acts fast.

2: Eastern Brown Snake

Fast & Fearsome: Third most venomous land snake. Large, agile with potent neurotoxins in its venom.

3: Coastal Taipan

Varied & Venomous: Several subspecies exist. Highly venomous, with a mix of neurotoxins and blood-clotting agents in their bite.

4: Tiger Snake

Ambush Specialist: Camouflaged and lightning-fast strike. The venom causes paralysis but is treatable.

5: Common Death Adder

Massive Venom Delivery: Not most toxic, but a single bite injects HUGE amounts of venom, causing rapid decline.

6: Mulga Snake (King Brown)

Cold-Adapted: Venomous and found in cooler climates, unlike many Australian snakes. Can cause tissue damage.

7: Lowlands Copperhead

Bold But Less Toxic: Venom is less potent but slower to show symptoms, so it can deceive a bite victim.

8: Red-Bellied Black Snake

Widespread Danger: Highly venomous and found across much of Australia, even in urban areas.

9: Western Brown Snake (Gwardar)

Widespread Danger: Highly venomous among elapid sea snakes and mostly bite fishermen.

10: Hydrophis belcheri (Faint-banded sea snake)