Deck the Halls...and Your Garden! Top 10 Hollies for Festive Flair

8th April, 2024


Glossy green leaves, classic red berries, a holiday icon reaching heights of 15-50 ft.

1: American Holly

Spiny, dark green leaves, bright red berries, a popular choice for hedges and décor.

2: English Holly

Compact leaves, blackberries, a versatile evergreen with shrub-like growth habits.

3: Japanese Holly

Unique blue-green foliage and vibrant red berries offer a striking contrast.

4: Blue Holly

Loses leaves in winter to reveal clusters of dazzling red berries that persist.

5: Winterberry

Hybrid with rapid growth, large red berries, ideal for privacy screens or hedges.

6: 'Nellie Stevens' Holly

Upright, columnar form, perfect for tight spaces, abundant red berries.

7: 'Sky Pencil' Holly

Need a male ('Boy') and female ('Girl') for berry production, compact and adaptable.

8: 'China Girl' & 'China Boy'

Low-growing, dense foliage, red berries, excellent for borders and groundcover.

9: Dwarf Yaupon Holly

Glossy black berries, tolerates wet areas, attracts songbirds to your garden.

10: Inkberry Holly