Deep Sea Surprise: Vast Ocean Found 700 km Underground

11th April, 2024


Get ready for a mind-blowing discovery! Scientists have found an underground ocean deep within our planet.

Location: Hidden within the Earth's mantle, about 700 km (435 miles) underneath the surface.

How They Found It: Scientists detected evidence of water trapped inside a special mineral called ringwoodite.

How Much Water? Estimates suggest this ocean could hold three times the volume of the entire surface ocean!

Why It Matters: This discovery could rewrite our understanding of Earth's water cycle and internal structure.

Life Down There? Though unlikely, the possibility of extremophile life adapted to extreme conditions can't be ruled out. 

Mysteries Remain: How did this hidden ocean form? Could there be others? This discovery opens up new questions.

The Earth never ceases to amaze! This find reminds us of the secrets and wonders still waiting to be discovered.