Difference Between Seals and Sea Lions

2024 April 25


Seals and sea lions are adorable, but how do you tell them apart?

1: Spot the Difference

Seals: Tiny ear hole

2: Ears

Sea Lions: Small, visible ear flaps

Sea Lions: "Walk" on their flippers

3: On Land

Seals: Wiggle and belly flop

Seals: Short front flippers, clawed

4: Flippers

Sea Lions: Long, smooth front flippers

Seals: Quiet grunts and hisses

5: Noise Level

Sea Lions: Noisy barks and roars

Sea Lions: Live in large, boisterous colonies

6: Social Life

Seals: Can be solitary or in groups

Seals: Dive deeper (up to 1,500ft)

7: Dive Deep

Sea Lions: Shallower dives (around 600ft)

Seals: Icy coasts of Arctic and Antarctic

8:  Ocean Homes

Sea Lions: Temperate and tropical coastal waters