Disaster Scenario: What If the Moon Disappeared?

1st May, 2024


The moon is more than a pretty nightlight. Let's explore the consequences of its sudden absence.

The moon's gravity is mostly responsible for tides. Without it, oceans would become much calmer.

Goodbye Tides

Nights would be much darker, losing the soft glow of reflected sunlight.

Nights Get DARKER

The moon stabilizes Earth's tilt. Without it, our planet might wobble wildly, causing extreme climate shifts.

Earth Wobbles

The moon slows Earth's rotation. It would speed up; days would become mere hours long!

Shorter Days

Many animals rely on moon cycles for breeding, navigation, and hunting. Its loss would be devastating.

Biological Chaos

The moon helps deflect some space debris. Earth would get hit by more asteroids and meteors.

Meteor Mayhem

Thankfully, this is just speculation! The moon is a vital part of Earth's balance. Let's appreciate it more.