Dragon of Lingwu

250-Million-Year-Old Fossil Discovered in China

27th February, 2024


● A remarkable fossil resembling a mythical dragon has been discovered in China's Lingwu region. ● The 250-million-year-old specimen has an unusually long, snake-like neck.

Introducing Dinocephalosaurus orientalis

● Scientists have named the creature Dinocephalosaurus orientalis, meaning "terrible-headed lizard from the east." ● It was an aquatic reptile that lived during the Triassic period.

A Dragon-Like Appearance

 Dinocephalosaurus is an eye-catcher due to its extraordinary features: ● Over 16 feet (5 meters) long ● Elongated neck spanning half its body length ● Small head with a surprisingly long snout ● Flipper-like limbs for swimming

Understanding the Past

● This discovery sheds light on the diversity of life after the Permian-Triassic extinction event. ● It indicates how quickly ecosystems can bounce back after mass extinctions.

Where to Learn More

● Scientists are still studying this remarkable fossil to uncover more about its life and environment. ● You can find updates and learn more about Dinocephalosaurus orientalis as research continues.