Eagle Hunters of Mongolia:  An Ancient Art of Partnership

21st March, 2024


● Centuries-old tradition in the Mongolian steppe ● Partnership between hunter and golden eagle

A Bond of Trust

Capturing an Eaglet

● Young female eagles chosen for strength and size ● Nests found high in the mountains

Building the Bond

● Eaglets raised in the hunter's home ●Trust established through feeding and care

Training Begins

● Hunter teaches commands and hunting signals ● Eagle learns to fly, return, and spot prey

The Art of the Hood

 ● Hoods keep the eagle calm and focused ● Often elaborately decorated, reflecting pride in craftsmanship

On the Hunt

 ● Hunters and eagles work as a team ● Prey includes foxes, hares, and sometimes wolve

The Reward

 ● Hunter shares the catch with the eagle ● Reinforces the bond of partnership

Passing Down the Tradition

 ● Skills passed down through generation ● Deeply connected to Kazakh cultural identity

The Golden Eagle Festival

● Annual celebration of eagle hunting skill ● Competitions, displays, and cultural festivitie

Preserving a Legacy

● Tradition helps conserve golden eagle population ● Symbol of strength, resilience, and cultural heritage