Eagle Lizard Rediscovered: Extinct Reptile Found Alive in Texas

 May 5th , 2024


Ancient Looks: Prickly scales and a mohawk-like crest give it a prehistoric appearance, resembling a tiny dragon.

What Is the Eagle Lizard?

Extinct Or Not? This species was believed extinct for decades, known only from fossils. A lucky find proves otherwise!

Long Lost...

Canyon Refuge: The remote Texas canyon likely protected a small population, allowing the species to survive unnoticed.

Hidden in Plain Sight?

DNA Tells the Tale: Genetic analysis confirmed the lizard is the same species as those known from fossils.

The Science Scoop

Surprise Find: It's rare to find a living animal believed extinct – highlighting how much we still have to learn.

Rediscovery Rewrites The Rules

Protection & Study: Scientists will study this rare lizard to find clues to its past and ensure its future survival.

What's Next?