Earth Seen From Above - 8 Incredible Sights on Our Planet

2nd April, 2024


From the vastness of space, Earth offers some truly amazing sights. Let's explore...

Ancient marvels and pyramids stand out against the desert landscape, defying time.

1: Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

A vibrant mosaic of blues and greens, the world's largest coral reef system is breathtaking.

2: The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Winding through the rainforest like a giant snake, this mighty river is the heart of a vast ecosystem.

3: Amazon River

The Earth's scars tell a story, and the Grand Canyon's layered rock is history writ large.

4: Grand Canyon, USA

Human ingenuity at its boldest – these artificial islands create a palm tree shape in the sea.

5: Palm Islands, Dubai

Earth's crown of ice and snow, the Himalayas' jagged peaks offer a humbling view.

6: The Himalayas

A shimmering sea of plastic, these greenhouses are the world's largest concentration,

7: Almeria Greenhouses, Spain

A giant terraced pit, the Kennecott Mine is a stark reminder of human impact on the landscape.

8: Kennecott Copper Mine, Utah, USA

From natural wonders to human-made marvels, our planet, even from afar, is a place of infinite beauty and complexity.