Earth Swallowed a Planet?  Scientists Find 'Secret World' Below Our Feet

4th April, 2024


Theorized to be Mars-sized, Theia is believed to have collided with early Earth, creating our Moon. 

Meet Theia

Scientists analyzing seismic waves suggest remnants of Theia exist within Earth's mantle.

Not Completely Gone?

Theia's remains form unusual rock formations deep underground, defying traditional Earth composition models. 

Rocky Clues

These "hidden continents" lie beneath Africa and the Pacific, dense with Theia's unique rock. 

Where They're Hiding

Analysis suggests Theia's makeup is surprisingly different from Earth's, hinting at its alien origin. 

What's It Made of?

This incredible discovery challenges our understanding of how Earth and the Moon formed. 

Rewriting History

How big was Theia exactly? What else is hiding down there? Scientists are hot on the trail. 

Mysteries Remain

This study shows how the past is embedded within our planet.

One Planet, Two Worlds

Is Earth the cosmic graveyard of an ancient lost world? This discovery pushes the frontiers of science!