Earthquake in Morocco Leaves Devastation:

Why Did This Happen?

26th February, 2024


On September 8th, 2023, a magnitude 6.8 earthquake struck western Morocco, devastating rural communities. The death toll stands at over 2,900 people, with thousands more injured.

Morocco Earthquake:  A Devastating Event

What Caused the Morocco Earthquake?

● The African tectonic plate, on which Morocco sits, is slowly moving northward, colliding with the Eurasian plate. ● This collision creates intense pressure, eventually released in the form of earthquakes. ● The September 8th quake occurred along a complex fault line in the High Atlas Mountains.

Why So Devastating?

While a moderate-strength quake, several factors contributed to the severity of its impact: Shallow Depth: The quake's epicenter was relatively shallow, amplifying the shaking on the surface. Rural Location: Many homes in the affected areas were not built to withstand strong earthquakes. 

The Aftermath

Rescue and recovery efforts continue in remote areas, fighting against blocked roads and limited resources. The quake destroyed the centuries-old Tinmel Mosque in the High Atlas Mountains, a UNESCO cultural heritage site. The earthquake is a stark reminder of the seismic risks in tectonically active zones.