Earth's Treasures: Celebrating New UNESCO Global Geoparks

29th April, 2024


UNESCO Global Geoparks are areas of extraordinary geological heritage. They promote sustainable tourism while protecting unique landscapes and educating visitors.

Explore stunning rock formations and ancient geological history in Brazil's vibrant landscape.

Caçapava UNESCO Global Geopark (Brazil)

Discover a land of towering karst formations and underground wonders in China.

Xingwen UNESCO Global Geopark (China)

Witness the stark beauty of Croatia's karst landscapes, including dramatic lakes and geological formations.

Biokovo-Imotski Lakes UNESCO Global Geopark (Croatia)

Uncover the secrets of ancient glaciers and coastal formations in this unique Danish region.

The South Fyn Archipelago UNESCO Global Geopark (Denmark)

Lakes, islands, and remnants of ancient mountains tell the story of Finland's geological evolution.

Saimaa UNESCO Global Geopark (Finland)

A testament to the power of Earth's forces, discover Greece's stunning geological formations.

Grevena - Kozani UNESCO Global Geopark (Greece)

Volcanoes, caves, and fossil treasures await in this park of Hungary's diverse geological history.

Bakony-Balaton UNESCO Global Geopark (Hungary)

Travel through time to these Greek islands shaped by geological forces.

Kefalonia - Ithaca UNESCO Global Geopark (Greece)

Explore fossils, canyons, and ancient formations of Spain.

Maestrazgo UNESCO Global Geopark (Spain)