Egg-ceptional! 7 North American Animals with the Biggest Eggs

10th April, 2024


Egg size: Up to 6 inches long, like a large grapefruit! Location: Found on ostrich farms throughout the continent

1: Ostrich

Egg size: Similar to a goose egg, but clutches can contain dozens of eggs. Location: Southeast US, along swamps and rivers.

2: American Alligator

Egg Size:  Resemble ping-pong balls with leathery shells. Location: Widespread turtles found throughout North America's water bodies

3: Common Snapping Turtle

Egg size: Surprisingly large, speckled eggs the size of a small pear. Location: Found in various habitats across North America.

4: Wild Turkey

Egg size: Large white eggs laid in nests of hawks or abandoned structures. Location: A widespread owl species found throughout the continent.

5: Great Horned Owl

Egg size: Large, dark green eggs with a unique textured surface. Location: Originally from Australia, but now raised on farms worldwide.

6: Emu

Egg size: A single, pale blueish egg laid every other year. Location: Previously endangered, Condors are making a comeback in the Southwest.

7: California Condor

From fierce predators to gentle giants, the diversity of these egg-layers is astonishing!