Escape to Serenity:

The World's 6 Most Peaceful Nations in 2024

3rd March, 2024


● The Global Peace Index (GPI) is a leading measure of peacefulness. It examines countries based on these factors: Ongoing Conflict: Internal and external conflicts. Safety and Security: Levels of crime, political instability, and terrorism.  Militarization: Military spending, weapons capabilities, and armed forces involvement. 

What Makes a Country Peaceful?


● Consistent top-ranking on the Global Peace Index. ● Low crime rates and minimal social unrest. ● Strong environmental awareness and commitment to sustainability.

New Zealand

● Renowned for its welcoming culture and social stability. Excellent track record in handling social issues. Natural beauty fosters a sense of tranquility.


● 'Hygge' philosophy prioritizes well-being and contentment. A strong social welfare system promotes equality and security. High levels of trust within society.


● Warm and friendly people known for their hospitality. Relatively low cost of living adds to reduced stress levels. A laid-back lifestyle centered around enjoying good food and company.


● Famous for its neutrality and peaceful diplomacy. ● High quality of life and well-developed infrastructure. ● The breathtaking scenery inspires a sense of awe and calmness.


● A multicultural society promotes inclusivity and acceptance. ● Strong social safety nets and healthcare systems. ● Abundant natural wonders offer peace in the outdoors.