Ever dreamt of holding two citizenships? Let's see which Asian countries welcome dual citizens!

4th April, 2024


Advantages: Relatively easy process, potential visa-free travel benefits.

1: Armenia

Conditions Apply: Must be a child born to an Iranian parent abroad or gain special permission.

2: Iran

Advantages: Streamlined process for ethnic Kazakhs abroad to reclaim citizenship.

3: Kazakhstan

Conditions Apply: Generally allowed for children born to Pakistani parents abroad, with registration requirements.

4: Pakistan

Advantages: Relatively straightforward process for those with Filipino ancestry.

5: Philippines

Conditions Apply: Allowed under exceptional circumstances, with strict requirements.

6: Singapore

Advantages: Easier path for those with special skills or talents contributing to Taiwan.

7: Taiwan

Advantages: Dual citizenship is possible through investment, naturalization, descent, or marriage.

8: Cambodia