From Powder to Diamond: Exploring the World's Softest and Hardest Minerals

8th March, 2024


Mineral: Talc Description: Feels soapy, easily scratched by a fingernail 

Talc: The Softest of Them All

Gypsum: Soft and Sculptable

Mineral: Gypsum Description: Used in plaster and drywall, scratched by a fingernail 

Calcite: Found in Seashells and Limestone

Mineral: Calcite Description: The main component of limestone reacts to acid 

Fluorite: A Splash of Color

Mineral: Fluorite Description: Comes in vibrant colors, used in toothpaste 

Apatite: The Mineral in Your Bones

Mineral: Apatite Description: Key in bones and teeth, used in fertilizers 

Feldspar: Abundant and Versatile

Mineral: Feldspar (Orthoclase) Description: The most common mineral group on Earth, used in ceramics 

Quartz: Crystal Clear and Durable

Mineral: Quartz Description: Found in sand and granite, famous for its jewelry 


The hardest naturally occurring substance, a symbol of strength and beauty