Feathered Foes? The World's Deadliest Birds

1st May, 2024


Powerful legs with dagger-like claws. Cassowaries can kick with deadly force if threatened.

1: Cassowary

Size and strength matter! Ostriches can lash out with deadly kicks, defending themselves or their territory.

2: Ostrich

Dropping large bones from a height to crack them open can accidentally injure people below.

3: Lammergeier (Bearded Vulture)

Fiercely territorial, snowy owls will attack intruders (including humans) who get too close to their nests.

4: Snowy Owl

Surprisingly aggressive when protecting nests and young. Their strong wings can inflict painful blows.

5: Mute Swan

While not as lethal as some on this list, they can be fierce and injure humans.

6: Barred Owl

A small New Guinea forest bird with toxic feathers, dangerous if touched or handled.

7: Southern Hooded Pitohui

Spear-like Bills: Designed for spearing fish but could cause severe injuries to a person if the loon attacked defensively.

8: Common Loon