February 29th

The Day That Only Comes Once Every Four Years

28th February, 2024


Every four years, February gains an extra day, known as Leap Day. ● This peculiar addition to the calendar has a fascinating history and even some unique associated traditions.

Leap Day: February 29th

Why Do We Need Leap Day?

● A year is 365 days long. It's closer to 365.2421 days for the Earth to orbit the sun entirely. ● To keep our calendar in sync with the seasons, we add a Leap Day roughly every four years to make up for those extra hours.

A Bit of Leap Day History

● The concept of Leap Years dates back to ancient Rome under Julius Caesar. ● The modern Gregorian calendar we use today further refined the Leap Year system.

Leap Day Traditions and Quirks

● In some cultures, being born on Leap Day is considered lucky. ● Tradition in Ireland and the UK allows women to propose marriage to men on Leap Day! ● Leap Day babies typically celebrate their "official" birthday on February 28th or March 1st.

When is the Next Leap Day?

● The next Leap Day will be February 29th, 2024. ● After that, you'll have to wait until 2028 for another February 29th to roll around!

The Unusual Magic of Leap Day

● Leap Day reminds us that our world is governed by precise astronomical cycles. ● It's a day to appreciate the little quirks in our calendar and the unique ways we mark the passage of time.