Flesh-Eating Flora: 7 Carnivorous Plants of the USA

1st April, 2024


Think plants are peaceful? These American natives have a taste for something a little more substantial. 

North & South Carolina wetlands. Famous for its snapping leaves, it traps unfortunate insects.

Venus Flytrap

Southeastern wetlands, boggy areas. Tall pitchers with slippery sides lure insects to a watery doom.

Pitcher Plants

Found across the US. Glistening, sticky 'dew' on leaves traps insects, then the leaf slowly curls to digest them.


Northern California & Oregon. Hood-like leaves deceive prey, leading them down a slippery slope.

California Pitcher Plant (Cobra Lily)

Widespread in moist habitats. Flat, yellow leaves trap tiny insects using sticky secretions.


Aquatic plants found in ponds, lakes. Underwater bladders suck in prey with lightning speed.


Why Eat Meat? These plants thrive in nutrient-poor soils, getting extra nutrition from bugs.

The USA is home to amazing biodiversity, even among the plant kingdom! Who knew plants could be so fierce?