Forget T-Rex:

Maine's Hidden Fossil Treasures 

(And Why You Won't Find Dinosaurs)

22nd February, 2024


While many states boast rich dinosaur fossil discoveries, Maine has never yielded a single confirmed dinosaur bone. But why? 

Maine's Dino Mystery: Why No Dinosaur Bones?

It's All About Timing

● The Age of Dinosaurs (the Mesozoic Era) lasted roughly 252 to 66 million years ago. ● Maine's bedrock mainly formed before or after this period, sadly missing the window for fossilization.

Forces of Erosion

● Maine experienced extensive erosion during the Mesozoic due to mountain building and glacial activity. ● Any potential dinosaur fossils likely eroded long before modern times.

The Rock Doesn't Match

● Dinosaur fossils are mostly found in sedimentary rocks – think layers of sand and mud. ● However, much of Maine's bedrock is igneous (from volcanoes) or metamorphic (transformed by heat and pressure), neither ideal for preserving fossils.

The Glacial Factor

● During the last Ice Age, massive glaciers covered Maine, scouring the landscape. ● These glaciers would have further eroded any remaining dinosaur fossils or scattered them far away.

Maine's Fossil Treasures

● While dinosaurs are off the table, Maine has incredible fossils from other periods! ● These include ancient marine creatures, plants, and even Ice Age animals, offering a glimpse into the state's rich geological history.