From Bean to Bar The Story of Ghana's Cocoa

8th March, 2024


Cocoa isn't native to Africa. Its roots lie in the Amazon rainforests of South America. 

Cocoa's Ancient Origins

A Blacksmith's Legacy

Legend credits Tetteh Quarshie, a Ghanaian blacksmith, who introduced cocoa in the late 1800s after working on a cocoa plantation abroad. 

Ghana: The Chocolate Powerhouse

Ghana quickly rose through the ranks to become the world's leading cocoa producer at one point. 

Boom and Bust

In the 1980s, Ghana's cocoa production slumped due to disease, low prices, and severe weather. 

The Road to Recovery

Reforms and initiatives spurred a revival of the industry. Ghana remains a major cocoa exporter today.

Challenges and Opportunities

Sustainability, child labor, and fair prices are ongoing concerns, but there's also innovation and a push for value-added chocolate products in Ghana. 

More than Just a Crop

Cocoa is deeply embedded in Ghanaian culture and a vital pillar of their economy.