Honoring Heritage: 6 Indigenous Peoples of North America

11th April, 2024


Region: Southwest (Arizona, New Mexico, Utah). Largest reservation in the US. Known For: Skilled weavers, silversmiths, and their connection to the land.

1: Navajo Nation

Region: Originally Southeast, now based in Oklahoma. Known For: Rich artistic tradition, forced relocation on the 'Trail of Tears,' and modern resilience.

2: Cherokee Nation

Region: Arctic and sub-Arctic regions of Alaska, Canada, and Greenland. Known For: Adapting to harsh environments, hunting and fishing traditions.

3: Inuit

Region: Great Plains. Known For: Horse culture, warrior tradition, and the sacred site of the Black Hills,

4: Lakota (Sioux)

Region: Arizona (oldest continually inhabited settlements in North America) Known For: Spiritual traditions, dryland farming, intricate katsina (spirit being) figures.

5: Hopi

Region: Pacific Northwest (US/Canada) Known For: Connection to the sea, elaborate ceremonies, and stunning totem pole art.

6: Coast Salish

This is just a glimpse! Hundreds of Indigenous nations exist, each with unique traditions and continued contributions to North America.