Hoppin' in Ohio! 12 Fantastic Frogs of the Buckeye State

9th April, 2024


Largest Ohio frog! Powerful jumper with deep, "jug-o-rum" call.

1: American Bullfrog

Green/brown with bronze spots. Sounds like a loose banjo string being plucked.

2: Green Frog

Slender with dark, round spots. Makes a snore-like, guttural call.

3: Northern Leopard Frog

Brown with rectangular spots. Mildly toxic skin secretion, so handle it with care!

4: Pickerel Frog

Can survive freezing solids in winter! Distinctive dark mask across eyes.

5: Wood Frog

Technically, a toad! Warty skin, trilling call. Friend to gardeners eats pests.

6: American Toad

Changes color (gray to green). Bird-like trilling call. Can climb with toe pads!

7: Eastern Gray Treefrog

Nearly identical to Eastern Gray Treefrog, but the call is quicker and raspier.

8: Cope's Gray Treefrog

Tiny! X-mark on back. Loud, high-pitched "peep" chorus in spring.

9: Spring Peeper

Striped back. Call like a finger running across a comb. Breeds early in spring.

10: Western Chorus Frog

Less distinctive stripes than Western Chorus. Later breeding season, longer call.

11: Upland Chorus Frog