Ice Moons of the Solar System: Oceans Beyond Earth

28th April, 2024


Meet Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto – moons with more water than Earth!

Jupiter's Icy Wonders

Europa's hidden ocean sparks the search for extraterrestrial life.

Europa: A Prime Target

Enceladus surprises with its icy plumes and potential for hidden life forms.

Saturn's Geyser Moon

Titan, Triton, and other ice moons hold mysteries and the possibility of subsurface oceans.

More Icy Secrets

Learn about their composition and the science behind hidden liquid water.

What is an Ice Moon?

Why is finding liquid water beyond Earth such a big deal for astrobiology?

The Importance of Water

An upcoming spacecraft is designed to probe the secrets of ice moons.

Missions to Explore

The future of discovering life outside our planet may lie in these icy worlds.

Possibilities Unfold

Ice moons expand our understanding of where life might thrive in the universe.

Beyond Our Blue Marble