Invaders Alert! Top 10 Invasive Species Wreaking Havoc in North America

 May 7th , 2024


Introduced species can outcompete natives, disrupting ecosystems. Get to know 10 invaders causing problems in North America.

This beetle decimates ash trees, altering forest composition and costing millions in damages.

1: Emerald Ash Borer

This giant snake preys on native wildlife in the Florida Everglades, disrupting delicate food chains.

2: Burmese Python

These large rodents cause wetland damage, harming coastal habitats in the southern US.

3: Nutria

Clog waterways, disrupt infrastructure, and outcompete native mussels in lakes and rivers.

4: Zebra Mussels

Aggressive and venomous, these ants drive out native ant species and can harm wildlife and humans.

5: Fire Ant

This beautiful but destructive insect damages fruit trees and other crops, harming agriculture.

6: Spotted Lanternfly

Nicknamed "The Vine That Ate the South," kudzu smothers native plants and alters landscapes.

7: Kudzu

Outcompetes native birds for nest cavities, contributing to the decline of some species.

8: European Starling

Their caterpillars defoliate trees, causing widespread damage in forests across the North-Eastern US.

9: Gypsy Moth

Voracious predators without natural enemies in the Atlantic, eating native reef fish and harming ecosystems.

10: Lionfish