Io: Jupiter's Hellscape of Fire and Ice

27th April, 2024


Jupiter's massive gravity stretches and squeezes Io, generating internal heat that powers the volcanism.

(Source: NASA)

Why So Active?

Volcanic eruptions constantly resurface Io, wiping out any impact craters. Imagine endless rivers of lava!

(Source: NASA)

Lava World: No Craters

Io's volcanoes spew sulfur plumes hundreds of miles high, visible even from Earth-based telescopes.

(Source: NASA)

Explosive Eruptions: Giant Plumes

Frozen sulfur creates a surface resembling pizza! White, yellow, and orange hues paint the landscape.

(Source: NASA)

Sulfur Snow: Colorful Chaos

Io has a very thin atmosphere, mainly composed of sulfur dioxide from volcanic eruptions.

(Source: NASA)

Io's Atmosphere: Thin & Sulfery

Io's interaction with Jupiter's magnetic field creates auroras and drives its electrical currents.

(Source: NASA)

Jupiter's Influence: Auroras & More

Understanding Io helps us learn about the formation of planets and early Earth's history.

Studying Io: Window to the Cosmos