Island Hopping: How Many Countries Are in Oceania?

7th April, 2024


Get ready to sail across a vast expanse of ocean and discover the many nations scattered throughout it.

A region centered on the islands of Tropical Pacific Ocean. Thousands of islands exist!

What is Oceania?

Oceania is often divided into three: Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia.. Let's explore them!

The Main Groups

There are 14 independent nations in Oceania! Each with unique culture and history.

Independent Countries

Think Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga...the list goes on!

A Few Famous Ones

Oceania also includes territories belonging to other nations like the USA, France, and the UK.

Beyond Countries

Oceania might seem like small islands, but it's a region of immense diversity and a huge ocean area.

Diverse and Vast

Whether you're dreaming of beaches, fascinating cultures, or undersea wonders, Oceania has it all.

Ready to Explore?