Krzywy Domek: The Crooked House in Poland

26th April, 2024


Found in the seaside town of Sopot, Poland, on the bustling Monte Cassino Street.

Where Is It?

Inspired by fairytale illustrations and surreal artwork, bringing whimsical drawings to life.

Why So Crooked?

Completed in 2004, it was designed by architects Szotyński and Zaleski.

Built in...

It's more than a facade! Holds a shopping center, restaurants, and even a radio station.

What's Inside?

In Polish known as 'Krzywy Domek,' which literally translates to 'Crooked House.'

It's Called...

The curves and angles make it appear even more distorted than it is.

Optical Illusion

People flock worldwide to snap a photo and marvel at its unusual design.

Tourist Magnet

The Crooked House is proof that architecture can be playful, and imaginative, and bring a touch of the fantastical to our cities.