Is There Life Beyond Earth?

 May 5th , 2024


Image Source: NASA

The search for alien life is one of humanity's biggest questions. While there are no little green men just yet, there's tantalizing evidence to consider.

We Found It: Traces of ancient rivers and polar ice caps suggest that Mars was once wetter, raising the possibility of past life.

1: Water on Mars

Under the Ice: Jupiter's moon Europa likely has a vast saltwater ocean—could life exist in its depths?

2: Europa's Hidden Ocean

Curiosity Rover Sniffs It: Methane on Mars can be biological in origin (but may have other sources too).

3: Methane on Mars

So Many Worlds: Discoveries of planets around other stars show us that planets are common – upping the odds for life.

4: Exoplanets Galore

Life Finds a Way: Organisms surviving in harsh conditions (hot springs, deep sea) prove life's resilience.

5: Extremophiles on Earth

Building Blocks: Amino acids, the basis for proteins, exist in nebulae and even on comets.

6: Organic Molecules in Space