List of 6 Coldest Rivers in the World in 2024

5th March, 2024


The Neretva River (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia)

A Balkan Beauty with a Chill  ● The Neretva River originates in the frigid Dinaric Alps. ● Even during summer, its temperatures rarely rise above 7 degrees Celsius (44 degrees Fahrenheit). ● Known for its striking emerald-green waters and picturesque canyons.

The Yukon River (United States and Canada)

Ice Flows Through This North American Giant  ● A massive river stretching across Alaska and Canada's Yukon Territory. ● It is famous for the Klondike Gold Rush but also its freezing temperatures. ● Large portions of the river frequently freeze over during the winter months.

The Lena River (Russia)

Siberia's Icy Artery ● One of the largest rivers in the world, flowing through vast stretches of Siberia. ● The frozen surface of the Lena becomes a crucial transportation route during the winter. ● It remains incredibly cold year-round due to the extreme Siberian climate.

The Mackenzie River (Canada)

Canada's Frozen Lifeline  ● Canada's longest river system, flowing north into the Arctic Ocean. ● Ice roads are created on the frozen river to transport supplies to remote communities. ● A vital part of the Northwest Territories ecosystem.

The Indigirka River (Russia)

Where the Land of Extreme Cold Meets Water  ● It is located in the remote Yakutia region of Siberia, known for its record-breaking low temperatures. ● The river freezes solid for long periods of the year. ● Temperatures near the Indigirka have been recorded as low as -71 degrees Celsius (-96 degrees Fahrenheit)!

The Pechora River

A Journey Through the Northern Urals  ● Winds through the Komi Republic and the Nenets Autonomous Okrug in Russia. ● It is surrounded by the Ural Mountains, contributing to its icy water temperatures. ● It is an important waterway for the timber industry in this region of Russia.