8 Largest Egg-laying Animals

28th April, 2024


The largest egg of any living bird! Weighs up to 3 pounds and can feed a whole family.


Emu eggs are the second-largest, almost as big as ostrich eggs!


For its size, the kiwi lays a surprisingly large egg, up to 20% of its body weight!


Whale sharks lay the biggest eggs of any animal—but here's the twist: they're not technically eggs! They're called "mermaid purses," and they hatch live young.

Whale Shark

Snapping turtles lay leathery eggs the size of ping-pong balls, well-protected for survival!

Snapping Turtle

These prehistoric-looking creatures lay clutches of dozens of hard-shelled eggs.

Saltwater Crocodile

These critically endangered salamanders lay huge, jelly-like eggs in underwater nests.

Chinese Giant Salamander

The platypus, a mammal that lays eggs, lays a leathery egg about the size of a hen's egg.