List of America's 9 Deadliest Highways

29th April, 2024


Buckle up and be alert! These roads demand caution due to high fatality rates.

This major interstate sees heavy traffic and a high number of accidents, particularly in urban areas.

1: I-95 (Maine to Florida)

Older, winding stretches and tourist traffic contribute to this scenic route's high fatality rate.

2: US-1 (Maine to Florida)

Long stretches through deserts can lead to fatigue, while urban areas see congestion-related crashes.

3: I-10 (California to Florida)

Tourist traffic, heavy use near Orlando, and unpredictable weather make this interstate risky.

4: I-4 (Florida)

High-speed traffic, and congestion near major cities mean accidents on this highway can be severe.

5: I-75 (Michigan to Florida)

Rural stretches with high speeds and limited shoulders can prove fatal, especially in winter weather.

6: US -23 (Michigan)

Tourist traffic, older drivers, and stretches through populated areas raise risks for crashes on this road.

7: US-19 (Florida)

Traffic volume, intersections, and a mix of drivers make this a particularly hazardous Florida highway.

8: US- 41 (Florida)

Mountain passes, desert sections, and high speed limits mean serious crashes can occur on this highway.

9: US -6 (California)