List Of The Most Dangerous Animals In Tennessee’s Lake And Rivers

9th April, 2024


Danger: Venomous snake, easily riled; avoid at all costs!

Cottonmouth Water Moccasin

Danger: Venomous, prefers rocky areas; beware when hiking near water.

Copperhead Snake

Lookalike: Harmless but resembles cottonmouths, so giving them a wide berth is best.

Northern Watersnake

Habitat: Rare in Tennessee but possible in larger rivers, powerful and potentially aggressive.

Bull Shark

Surprise! Spines can inflict a painful wound and handle it with care.

Channel Catfish

Fast and Feisty: Powerful jaws and a grumpy demeanor, admire from afar.

Snapping Turtle

Mostly Mind Their Business: But large and territorial, best to avoid if spotted.